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Related article: Date: Fri, 26 May 2000 13:26:19 EDT From: Subject: adventures of tray and jay 39"Adventures of Tray and Jay 39"PART 39: SHAD ATTACKMy second boy, John, and I decided to waste some time and money at the mall, and for both of us it was just a thin excuse to go boy watching. I mean, what else is the mall really good for? Our shameless fag household is taking its toll on the sweet little bible boy, too. I'm sure John doesn't even know how obvious he is now when he eye rapes some stud, and he goes especially weak-kneed at the sight of a hunky "older" college dude.So we're walking along ogling damn near every tight young bod that comes within eyesight when I felt an overpowering urge to tickle John's cute, trim ass! And I mean, I can tickle like a maniac! That's what I did, too, I grabbed him from both sides, his firm belly and narrow lower back, and gave it to him hard so he doubled over in painful pleasure and cut loose sobbing in laughter and begging me to stop."Stop, stop! Please, Tray, stop, please!"No way. I totally dig touching that boy, especially in public when I have even the flimsiest excuse to go for it. I loved how everyone turned their heads to watch, particularly some of the guys. There are always more queers per capita at the mall, have you noticed? Well, I have.Finally John's face smacked against the window of a cool men's shop, and he was busting a gut and sweating and flashing all different shades of red, when I felt him go limp. His eyes focused off in the distance through the glass, and I knew damn well what that meant. Only one thing can distract that cocksucker from a pro tickle attack like I was putting on him.I let my hands slide down to his waist and stepped close behind him, right up to his tight bubble butt with those wild, fine lines that show so well under his thin slacks, and my dick jumped to half-hard at the feel of his flaring warmth. I followed his hungry gaze through the maze of clothing racks to a sexy college age dude with short-short red spiked hair..."Fuck me!" I whispered."Wait your turn!" John shot right back, and I grunted in appreciation."No, John, I know that guy. I mean, kind of. He waited on Adam and me the night we brought the cowboy home.""Oh, my God, Dusty fucked me like a bull when I stumbled home in the middle of the night!"John stood up suddenly and tried to see if anyone heard his confession. I wasn't sure what he was hoping for! He's so precious sometimes it's all I can do not to grab his face and smooch on it. I felt this wild hair go up my butt out of the blue and turned John to face me."Hey, John boy, you up for a little fun?" His pretty eyes twinkled evilly. "Well? Go sell that stud some clothes!"John frowned and looked all over for a salesman and caught on. That store is notorious for missing help. Anyway John needed no more prodding, he was off and running, and when he got to Shad I saw him bob up and down in excitement and put his little hand on Shad's butt, just soft is all but still! Oh, yeah, Shad noticed! I snuck inside and hid behind some racks and watched.John was talking smooth as hell and listening and smiling...SMILING, that way only bible boys can pull off, right. It makes me go funny inside. When John went down on one knee, I nearly fainted! He slid one hand up Shad's inseam, all the way to the huge bulge of man balls hanging loose down Shad's right thigh, and Shad jumped. No shit! But he didn't leave or anything. John turned his sweet young eyes up on that dude, and I knew it was all over.Still, when John went to the shelves and picked a pair of nice soft slacks and turned to lead Shad back to the dressing room, I about dropped. Shad didn't know what to do. He ran his hand back through those hot, short red spikes of his and licked his lips nervously and swallowed and looked all around so I had to duck fast, and when I came back up for air they were gone.Shit, I was beside myself. My dick was throbbing and totally wet in my jeans, and I felt like a little kid who doesn't want to be left out. Really! I lasted maybe 90 seconds before taking a deep breath and pushing through the curtains and listening to figure out where the boys were. That's when I heard it.Soft MMMMMMs and AHHHHHHHs and UHHHHHs and all, and the smacking of wet lips on hard meat. I mean, I know a blowjob when I hear one! I snuck up to the stall and took the top of the curtain in hand and just RIPPED it open! Shad's eyes popped and his mouth dropped and his face went beet red, but John...fuck, John never missed a beat!"Jesus fucking Christ!" I swooned. "A perfect fit!"Shad's mega cock, pale and shiny from John's spit, was all the way visible except for the head, which was loosely between John's full, red lips, and I saw John's tongue working fast and wild on the underside of Shad's thick boner. Then it popped out of John's mouth and bounced stiffly and WENT OFF! It fired off a thick spurt of waiter cream between John boy's eyes...And of course, John lost it and started laughing that sexy, boyish, machine gun way he has when he's all the way jazzed by something, but then he recovered and dove onto that prick and sucked the rest of Shad's load out and swallowed over and over and over. John slowed and made love to Shad's monster and milked it beautifully and manfully. The boy knows dick. Every time John went all the way down to where Shad's pubes nestled up to his nose, Shad twitched and moaned and bucked his strong hips, and I Nude Preteen Lolitas swear I could just taste that jiz dripping out.Someone was coming, so I pulled my hand out of my jeans and shoved my hard-on down as well as possible and tried to act cool as I strolled back out to the sales floor, especially when the sales guy almost ran into me on my way out. I grinned, and he grinned, and his eyes took me all in, up and down, and took a while on the down part, see. I mean, I was HARD! Pretty soon I hear John real loud."No, Shad, these pants aren't you, man, forget this, let's go somewhere else!" John is saying, and then he and Shad come out fast, their hands in their pockets. Shad was blushing good. John had that bad boy gleam going. The sales guy just looked over at me again, like it was all my fault, and don't think he didn't know what was up, all that in one look. So I busted up, see, only he wasn't expecting that!Nobody seemed to have any doubt that it wasn't over by a long shot, especially me. We were kind of quiet getting out of the mall, then Shad said his car was over there, and he pointed to the Jeep, so cool."Follow me to my place, guys," is all Shad said, so we did. I had a hard time shifting up and down all the time in the lot because of how bad I wanted in John's pants, and I'd just get my fist around his slick bone when I'd have to let go and shift the other gear again. It drove John and me both nuts! If he could have gone down on himself he would have, for sure.Anyway we got there fast, and it turned out to be a big house. Shad said he was renting it real cheap, he got a deal on it because the owner had to be out of the country a long time. He took us straight around the side to the back yard where we stopped and checked out a huge pool and hot tub...and Shad stripping naked in front of us. So John got into it, and when the shock wore off, so did I.We followed Shad into the tub and stood there funny a minute but then all together stepped close in a tight circle and went to touching soft and exploring, see. And kissing the same, all three of us, our mouths passing one to another, swapping spit and stuff, and I panted and glanced down and saw all of our woodies standing tall and proud and steamy. Fuck, but Shad's was massive! Way up over his 22-year-old belly button. His pale skin and fuzzy, wet happy trail brought me to my knees.I played with his cock with my riled lips and tongue, both of our heads just above water, and listened to him and John smooching totally hot and bothered. Then I went for it. I opened wide and sucked that wild prick down, down, down to my tonsils. Shad grunted and took the back of my head in one big strong hand, just to help, see, and started fucking my face gently, patiently after being blown by John in the change room.John's mouth was on my face out of nowhere, and I paused and turned to him and took his mouth like I'd been taking Shad's willie, and I cut loose and moaned like a maniac when John's tongue snaked into my throat! Then we both turned our attention to the flaring erection in front of our faces and licked and kissed and tongued and sucked on it and watched as a big gush of clear precum flowed out of the piss-hole. We licked it up fast, sharing, there was plenty for both of us!John eased around to Shad's backside, and I swallowed that meat again, and Shad bent over me and grunted in real surprise, I think, at the funky, wild feel of my boy's tongue up his shoot."Oh, God, eat me, man, eat me!" Shad shouted. "Yeah! I never had this before, man, oh, my God, you're eating me out! I don't believe it!"John chuckled that nasty teenage way he does and slurped man butt to his heart's content while I did the same to my man meat. Without warning, I felt a pulse of heat shoot out from Shad's whole body, and his dick grew in my mouth, and his hands dropped to my back to hold on hard, and he just started gushing off in me! I felt his cock quivering, the cum racing up and out of his shaft and making it throb with every spurt, and I smelled his spunk and tasted it and tried to swallow as fast as he gave it to me but no way! I lost track how many times that dick spazzed in me!We all got out of the tub, Shad real shaky all of a sudden so we held on to him, see, and there was a big towel on the grass that was dying to be used so we fell on it and snuggled while Shad caught his breath. He lay there on his back looking up at the sky and panting."I haven't done much with guys, believe it or not," Shad said, still winded. "Mostly clumsy stuff in cars, hand jobs, that kind of thing. This is different. Man, this is different.""Yeah," John and I both said real husky and horny."You know, I really dig fucking girls because they can cum and cum, and so can I. But I've always had these funny thoughts, you know, about maybe, some day, trying it, uh, with a dude.""Yeah," went the chorus again. We were licking his belly all over and he was laying there letting us."So...which one of you wants to take it?" Damn, I love a man who knows what he wants and just asks who's gonna give it to him! John and I were up on our knees with our backs to Shad in a heartbeat, and when we looked in each other's eyes we both cracked up. So did Shad. I started easing down, to be nice to John, but Shad was there fingering both of our buttholes and that was the end of that."No, this is cool," he said, super manly and all worked up. "I can trade off, I guess. Back and forth? Is that how you like it, guys?""Oh, my fucking God," I groaned, and John swallowed hard and closed his eyes and licked his lips."What do I do now?" Shad asked innocently, and anyone else I might have laughed, but I knew he meant it."Spit in your hand and work it up our rears," I coached him softly, nasty as hell, burning inside for that giant cock to be up my shoot. I saw him do it to John, then felt the same finger take me rough and ready. I hawked up a big wad and looked to John, who did the same, and we spat in my hand, and then I reached back and stroked it all over Shad's pole. That fucker was dripping when I finished and planted both hands firmly on the ground in anticipation of a reaming. I closed my eyes and concentrated, breathing easy and steady."Now what?" asked Shad."Take a fucking guess, dude," went John, and he almost never cusses so Nude Preteen Lolitas it struck me. I twitched and leaked and the next second heard John choke and saw his face drop lower to the ground and go bright red and sweaty. Served him right! Shad went straight to pumping his great big penis in and out of John's tight boy hole, and I watched John's face, and I'm hear to tell ya, he felt it good and hot and painful for a long time!So I took his dangling boner in one hand and worked his load of precum all over it, and that did the trick! John groaned and relaxed and suddenly found room up his guts for that manly intruder."Oh, cool! Oh, cool! Yeah, Shad, way cool!" went John. Nude Preteen Lolitas Then, "Hey, wait, what..."And a finger stuck more lube up my rear and then there was the hottest fire poker I ever felt rammed up inside me! And he fucked so hard my face slammed down to the ground and started burning against the towel! I vaguely heard John laughing his sweet ass off, then he dropped and kissed me hard on the mouth and gave me a big stream of his spit, and that tripped my trigger!Now, you have to try hard to picture what happened next, see, I know it, because, well, it was just way off the wall. John and I were on our knees and elbows, our asses thrust up in the air for the Nude Preteen Lolitas taking, and Shad was doing a fine job of taking them, too. And then he pulled out of me and jammed it right up John's hole, then whipped it back out of there and gave it back to me like the fag bastard he is, and so on. Back and forth, see, between John's hungry butt and my red-hot achey one!Damn, it was something else! I never in my life got fucked so hard and wild and savage before, and Shad the stud was doing both of us the same at the same time! Who knows how he got his big prick from one ass to the other so fast? But without warning, right after he slammed that thing back in me the last time, Shad's body tensed all over, and his throat vibrated real deep, all the way to his man core...And he flattened me down on the towel under his full weight that sent his huge cock mercilessly up my guts! His arms wrapped up under my shoulders and held on tight, and Shad tensed completely head to feet and gasped once and then I felt it, the explosion, the eruption from Hell, the spaz fest of cock meat spewing man cream up my boy hole! And spewing...and spewing...and spewing...One thing I really love is the feel of a hard young man on top of my prone teenage body and going for it! Emptying out his load inside me and powerless to stop it, knowing he probably wouldn't if he could! Shad was sweating all over me, breathing spit on my neck, grunting, whining, moaning...and getting off still! I vaguely spotted John up on his knees watching all misty-eyed and jacking his sweet, long pole, but not to the rhythm of Shad's hot sprays of cum because no way!I didn't know it was possible to ejaculate so much sperm at one time! Fuck me! Yeah! Shad settled at last, of course, they always do, goddamnit, and just lay there panting and sweating all over me, so I teased his overwhelmed peter now and then with my tight, flexing love-butt muscles. Shad would shake and shiver and moan, and I'd wait and do it again, and so on, almost cruelly, you could say, on my part.Finally he rolled off me onto his back, and I got up to stretch, and so did John, and next thing we knew John boy and I were fooling around in each other's arms, smooching, touching, licking, feeling. You know. Being a couple of horny teen queers! All of a sudden, strong hands took my cock and balls, and when I opened my eyes and looked down, there's Shad on his knees loving both of us with his eyes, John and me, I mean.We turned so he could have what he wanted, see, and Shad took it. Both of us, in his hands, then licking back and forth like he fucked us before, and tasting our plentiful supplies of clear boy juice, and yes! He went down on me, all the way, then over to John for the same. Shad knew how to suck cock, oh yes, he did! He held onto our butts, one hand a piece, and sucked us senseless back and forth. John nuzzled my neck and then let his face move up to my mine, and when he kissed me tender and sweet it was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.Something pulled me from Shad's hot, wet mouth and around to John's back side, and I held him in my arms from behind and kissed his neck and without thinking or anything just slipped my dick up his hole! PLUNK! And the cute little UHHHGH! he made was so precious! Shad kept blowing him on the other side, and we had him sandwiched good.""Oh, damn, guys!" he breathed softly. "Oh, damn! What's happening to me? What are you doing? Oh, my God! HUH! HUH! HUH!"John boy went off then, naturally, what else could a body do? I heard Shad chuckling happily and choking as one of John's massive nut loads cut loose and strangled him, both of them, John and Shad, because they both lost it and screamed the best they could, Shad with a creaming cock in his mouth and throat, and John with my dick up his shoot and one hand on his throat and my mouth slurping the tasty spit from his parted lips!I was close to going for it, too, when I felt John ease down off that total spastic high of a wild climax, and I pulled my hard-on from his butt and moved around to his side and took Shad's head in both of my hands and put it right where I needed it to be, see...on my pecker! And Nude Preteen Lolitas I fucked his face for maybe five seconds until it blew off in him, and his eyes went wide and turned up to mine, and I fucked that face hard as can be! The whole time I grinned down at him, baring my wicked teeth, and this hot little boy smirk cut across Shad's rosy cheeks! He coughed again, like with John, so I made it easier and buried my thing all the way down his throat and sent the rest of my stuff straight down into his belly. Right then, when my dick slipped down his throat, John's eyes closed, satisfied.Shad got to his feet, and we all stood there, dazed. Then Shad grinned and ran Nude Preteen Lolitas to the pool and jumped in, so I looked at John, and he looked back like a kid daring me race him, and we did, only at the end, when we got to the edge of the pool, I got my arms around that boy and held on as he squirmed and then picked him up and carried him to the diving board and up and all the way down to the end...where I bounced once and we both went over, John in my arms giggling like the nut he is.We had a blast in the water, it was warm and perfect, pushing and shoving all around, for a half-hour or so. Then we were all in the shallow end, and I looked in Shad's sexy eyes, and my dick went BOING again. Shad noticed right off, and all he did was walk slowly over to the shallowest part and leaned over the edge of the pool so his butt was pointed at me. Well, I ask you: what was I supposed to do?So I grabbed John's head and shoved down hard until he was on his knees behind Shad and his mouth was between Shad's ass cheeks, and John's hands pulled them apart to show the hottest, palest, smoothest crack and cherry hole I've ever seen. John, too. He saw that hole puckered out at his face and looked over his shoulder at me and colored with excitement, then went back to business and ate Shad out fast and nasty! I stroked myself slowly, patiently. Shad moaned his ignorant ass off! I mean, that dude had no idea what was coming!I stepped closer and made John suck me a minute, which wasn't difficult. He was right on my pole. I shoved his face back into Shad and spit on my fingers and worked then past John's tongue to Shad's relaxed rim and just stuck one in, then another, as John kept licking! Nothing that easy was going to stop John. My boner went to twitching like a pup from the feel of Shad's tight muscle around my fingers and John's wild tongue and breath on my hand, and John started LICKING my hand that was doing Shad's ass! Oh, my God, what a rush! I couldn't stand it!"Move," I whispered, and John wasn't offended, hell, no, he got right out of the way to watch! I eased behind Shad and planted my bone between his cheeks and screwed him on the outside, my loose, red nuts happily banging against his, so he could know it was coming any second, and the next second it did! I went for it fast, the way I like to do, only Shad was maybe so shocked or whatever he barely made a sound, just this whoosh of breath and a little grunt, and his upper body went flatter on the cement and relaxed...And he took it! Not only that, but..."Ohhhh, Tray, man, do it to me, baby, do it to me! I've waited for this since I was a kid, now do it to me, man! Yeah, do it! Fuck my hole, man! Fuck my HOLE!"As I went to fucking Shad's HOLE, John jumped out of the pool and got on his hands and knees before Shad and started kissing him and holding that man's head in his soft little hands, and I pounded Shad's ass! I mean, I gave it hell! I fucked that stud with a fierceness I never felt before, in and out, BAM-BAM-BAM! I screwed him good, see. My eyes closed for a few seconds, maybe, that's all, but when they opened again I saw John had gotten his riled cock into Shad's willing mouth, and together we were BAMMING that dude from both sides at once! Fuck me! John's face twisted off in every direction all masculine and macho and shit, and he gritted his teeth and got into it, fucking Shad's face, that is.Then it started coming together inside me, that insane rush of manly power and juice and need and all of it, see, and I breathed real hard, and John noticed and went into overdrive, and we stared into each other's eyes with this lustful mix of determination to make it go as hard and dirty as possible, and our love for each other. It was beautiful, see. Then it happened. I saw it in John's eyes right when he saw it in mine, and together we creamed Shad, both ends together! We buried our cocks in either end and filled him good, full service. Shad knew."UUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNGHHHHHHHH!" is all he got out.I leaned as far as I could over Shad's back, and John did the same, and our faces met for another sweet peck, Nude Preteen Lolitas only we were still feeling our oats so we kind of bit each other a little, okay, just a little. Shad's ass milked me, and his throat milked John, and John and I milked each other's faces. It was beautiful. After a minute or so of that, John pulled out of Shad and jumped back in the water and grinned at Nude Preteen Lolitas me all evil."Move," he whispered. Shad sighed.
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